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Welcome to our May Newsletter.

Welcome to the Engadine Easter Newsletter. This newsletter is for those with whom we have links through our various programs, activities, baptisms, weddings or funerals. It is an opportunity to let you know what is happening and share some reflections to help you think about God, life, hope and Spirituality. Therefore, we offer you these reflections with our prayers for your own spiritual journey through life. Please join us any time you are able, or would like to explore faith more deeply.

Upcoming Events

  1. Street Stall – This Friday morning we will be setting up the wonderful handcrafts and yummy cooking to sell. Come along and see the goodies or just drop by for a chat. We will be on the Old Princes Hwy, just near the Commonwealth Bank. Friday May 12, from about 8:30 am – about 1 pm.
  2. Messy Church – A service for all ages that will explore the Holy Spirit while enjoying activities, crafts and food. Sunday May 28, 4 – 6 pm.
  3. Pentecost Sunday – A fun all ages service that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. The colour of the day is red so feel free to join in the celebration by coming dressed in or accessorising with red. Sunday June 4, Service 9 – 10 am with morning tea following
  4. Building Relationships and exploring ways of being a vibrant and growing community in Christ – After our Pentecost service we will meet over morning tea to explore who we are and where we are going. We will be exploring ways we can be the church – a place that is welcoming and hospitable. A place that values people and relationships. Please come along and tell us what you would like the church to be and how we can better care for each other. Sunday June 4, 10am after the Pentecost Service You are invited to attend any of these events and feel free to extend this invitation to your friends and family. These events are intended to relate to our lives and give us strength, focus and hope in our lives.

Thoughts from Tammy

I hope that you had a great Easter long weekend. For me it had its positives and negatives. From a family perspective Easter was not very pleasant. On Good Friday afternoon, the stomach bug which was to make its presence felt among the family made its first appearance as Liliana was sick. The bug moved on to Tristan who was sick Saturday evening. I was terrified that I too would get sick making leading worship on Sunday morning tricky, putting it mildly. Miraculously, or maybe more accurately because Owen shouldered the burden of cleaning up vomit to help prevent me from also getting sick I was spared the bug. The same cannot be said for Owen who Sunday morning was not up to celebrating our Risen Saviour and stayed home with Tristan as the girls and I went to Church.

Easter was also coloured by the death of Iris Farmer. As we remembered the death of Christ we also mourned the death of Iris, the last surviving foundational member of the church. On Easter Sunday while we were still mourning the loss of Iris we also celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection promise that is for all of us and that tells us that death is not the end.

The good news is the services went well. It was lovely, a real joy and pleasure to experience the story with the people of Engadine. I enjoyed preparing for and leading the various worship services and sharing the Easter story. It was nice to rearrange the furniture and decorate the space so the symbols as well as the words could speak to us about the wonder, mystery and joy of the Eater story. All in all, my first Easter at Engadine will be memorable even if not all for good reasons.
As I reflect on Easter it seems so long ago, the kids have gone back to school and we are already into the second week of May. For the church, however, Easter is not just one Sunday, it is not even just one weekend but six weeks. The mystery of Easter is just too big for one weekend, even a long weekend. The weeks of Easter give us time to move from looking at the empty tomb to looking at the Risen Christ and to continue looking for the Risen Chris in each and every day. To move from looking at where we have been to look at where we are going. It is also a time of preparing for Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit came and the Church was born. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at what it means to be the church. To be a place that listens deeply to other’s stories and sits with them. To vulnerably share our own stories and question how we can offer and receive hospitality.

I would love to hear what the church means to you or how you think we could do these things better. I am always up for a conversation over a cuppa so feel free to be in touch so we can arrange a time to get together, chat and get to know each other

Grace and Peace,

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